Benefits of our merger

We believe that coming together will bring a number of benefits for patients, carers, staff, partners and the local communities we serve.

Voice and influence
Together we will have a stronger voice with greater ability to shape how our services develop and to attract investment. We will build a strong reputation as a partner and provider of choice, playing our part in local plans to develop the future of healthcare services.

High quality services
As a combined NHS Trust, we will be able to build on best practice, delivering the highest quality care for our communities, by sharing expertise, strengthening core services, reducing variation and improving access and choice.

Future fitness
Bringing staff together into a single organisation means we can create long term sustainability through removing duplication and doing things more efficiently. We will use our combined skills and expertise to become an employer of choice attracting the best staff supported by a robust platform of leadership development, talent management and strong staff engagement.

Key documents

Summary Strategic Case (January 2019)